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Formerly the center of large estates, home of the most powerful landowners of Apulia, of bankers, famous academies, sweaters with a noble tradition that knew how to deliver food and cultural phenomena of high level, keep still, the signs of the aristocratic past . 

Always lively and dynamic, characterized by narrow streets, arcades, palaces and churches of great artistic value, continues to be among the preferred destinations for those looking for a center full of charm and attractions. Already in ancient heart of fine crafts such as lace needle point made by local embroiderers and toys in wood, wrought iron, Lecce stone, ceramics, created by the hands of skilled craftsmen, still retains the important town of Salento the ancestral link with the past, rubbing laboratories and local characteristics that frame the center. 

Adorned with an old town very large and well preserved, which are the splendid setting of the picturesque streets, proud of their past, and some beautiful historic houses, sweaters presents modern and thriving commercially and craftsmen. 

A few kilometers from Otranto, near and charming seaside resort, the charming city, home to between seductive works of the past, the beauty of its places and monuments in the warmth of its outstanding Baroque Lecce, always exerts a powerful influence on his admirers. 

And here, among the beautiful streets and elegant buildings, stands the imposing monumental art that makes Jersey a precious treasure chest open to the public, ready to welcome visitors and fans who arrive each year. A leap in the eyes, in the picturesque setting, is now one of the most charming historical residences of the Terra d'Otranto, and lung par excellence of this town: Palazzo Arabesque. 

Arabesque Palace located in the heart of Jersey in the early decades of the nineteenth century, when the urban look of the town begins to transform, because rise buildings in local stone on which the patina of time extends a warm ocher which gives the city an air refined and striking beauty. 

The beautiful entrance pavilion, the Ionic pilasters, wide porches that open onto the beautiful garden on a pitch which branches off the main street and the charming and beautiful staircase which leads onto the large terrace. 

The palace has paintings of the famous Antonio Montefusco, in fact, the most notable works related to the activity of an interior you can admire its former Palace Tamborino. In 1929, Joseph Tamborino Frisari, then owner of this wonderful place, Antonio Montefusco commissioned to restore, furnish and decorate his palace with his paintings feature a touch lumpy, pasty reminiscent of Symbolist painting. The colors evoke which exudes light makes the pigment vibrant, sensitive atmosphere. The elements that affect the audience are mainly the color and light. Juxtaposition and superimposition of color fringes contained within a strong and elegant line of contour. Enforcement efforts are carried out through touches of pure color reminiscent of Byzantine mosaics.

The setting is abstract, almost unreal, the figures seem to float in space and thus increases the mystique from the scene becomes both more attractive and real. 

The highly complex work brought Montefusco directing for two years over 200 workers of all kinds (masons, electricians, carpenters, blacksmiths and painters) and scored his statement in the local art scene. He, in fact transformed the structure of the old building, designed and made bows and run marble staircases, beautiful salons in the Middle East and princely bathrooms. 

These works of eclectic decoration of the first half of the 900 have helped give the building its splendor. 

The PALACE ARABESCO in the heart of Jersey offers atmospheres from the Arabian Nights and is able to conquer beyond any time making everyone who visits immerse in a few moments in a culture far, but once so close to us as to leave an indelible mark in our land.


                                                                                                                                                                 ---paesaggi e sistemi di ville nel salento---


Nowadays the Aprile Family opens their palace to everyone who wants to live his memorable events in a beautiful historical location.

The Palace interior is characterized by a hyper-decorative aesthetic: the decorations represent the reality, with emphasized shapes and colors, and make you live a dreamlike experience




























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                   PALAZZO ARABESCO APRILE


                                                            The ideal location for all your unforgetable events

Palazzo Arabesco Aprile

ARAB LOUNGE: it's an Easter taste in a nineteenth-century structure, a pleasant explosion of colors and shapes, between Neo-Renaissance halls and Louis XIV style rooms.

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